May 21, 2024

Bill Belichick’s tenure in New England seems to be approaching its end, sparking discussions about what comes next. With the Patriots struggling at 2-8 and having missed the playoffs last year, speculation is mounting that team owner Robert Kraft may be considering a change.

Pat McAfee referred to a report by The Athletic’s Dianna Russini, suggesting that there are indications of a mutual parting of ways between Belichick and the Patriots. ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky, in a conversation with McAfee, acknowledged hearing similar rumors.

Orlovsky mentioned that he has been hearing more about this possibility in recent weeks, though he emphasized that he is not a reporter. He hinted that the likelihood of a separation is being talked about, and even suggested that a potential new location for Belichick may have already been determined.

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When McAfee pressed Orlovsky for confirmation on the destination, Orlovsky nodded in agreement, but he refrained from disclosing the specific team. However, a producer suggested that the Los Angeles Chargers could be a plausible destination.

Despite Belichick reportedly signing a multi-year contract extension with the Patriots in the past offseason, there is speculation that Kraft might consider seeking trade compensation if Belichick decides to join another team. Mike Florio, the founder of ProFootballTalk, even speculated about the possibility of a trade involving Belichick, mentioning the Commanders with new owner Josh Harris as a potential landing spot.

At 71 years old, Belichick has an illustrious coaching career with the Patriots, spanning 24 seasons and resulting in six Super Bowl championships. The idea of him coaching elsewhere was once unimaginable, but it seems that the possibility is now on the horizon.

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