May 26, 2024

The Philadelphia 76ers saw their eight-game winning streak come to an end against the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers’ high-octane tempo and Tyrese Maxey’s return to normalcy following a standout performance led to a challenging game for the Sixers. Despite Maxey contributing crucial fourth-quarter points, his 9-23 shooting and four turnovers posed difficulties, especially against the increased physicality of the Pacers.

Maxey acknowledged that Indiana’s simple adjustment to play more physically made things tougher for him. Despite the challenges, he emphasized the need to fight through such situations and improve his decision-making. Coach Nick Nurse pointed out the Pacers’ physical defense against Maxey, expressing that his seven free-throw attempts were insufficient given the level of contact he faced. Both Maxey and Nurse, however, refrained from making excuses and emphasized the need to adapt to officiating and play through challenges.

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Maxey struggled with his floater and shooting at the rim, going 7-14 on such attempts. His overall shooting efficiency was salvaged by a 2-5 performance from beyond the arc. Nurse acknowledged Maxey’s late-game resurgence but recognized that, with an 82-game schedule, off nights are inevitable. Despite Maxey’s sincere efforts, the game against a formidable opponent like the Pacers highlighted areas for improvement.

Looking ahead, the Sixers face a quick turnaround, playing the Boston Celtics the next day. The back-to-back games, especially after a challenging matchup with the Pacers, present a tough test for Maxey and the team.

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