May 26, 2024

Stoke City has faced considerable challenges this season, currently occupying the 14th position in the Championship table and trailing five points behind the play-off spots. Despite this, there is a positive streak as the team has remained undefeated in their last five league matches, albeit the last two ending in goalless draws. The team sees potential for improvement, especially with the anticipated return of two crucial players from injury: forward Campbell and center-back Wilmot.

Campbell has been limited to just six appearances this season, while Wilmot has been sidelined for over a month with a knee injury.

“Then, like any team, when you’re missing key players who can flip a game in your favour, you will be stronger as a squad when you get them back.

“We’ve still got Tye Campbell to come back, we’ve still got Ben Wilmot, who was our player of the season last year, to come back. We’ve still got bits and pieces to come back and make us even stronger.”

Despite the setbacks, Stoke City manager Neil remains optimistic and views the return of these players as a promising development. Rather than expressing frustration, Neil appears excited about the prospect of having these key players back in action.

Looking ahead, the manager sees the return of Campbell and Wilmot as an opportunity for the team to strengthen and potentially climb the Championship ranks. The current unbeaten run, even with some drawn matches, serves as a foundation for improvement. Neil acknowledges the common challenge of injuries in a season but believes that the return of these influential players could significantly bolster Stoke City’s performance for the remainder of the campaign.

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