May 24, 2024

The article describes Milan’s unexpected title triumph in the previous season as a result of strong team camaraderie, determination, and a clear on-field strategy, marking a departure from the Silvio Berlusconi era. While many acknowledge Inter as a more well-equipped team, poor managerial decisions, including a crucial loss in the derby, contributed to their downfall.

The article emphasizes that Milan’s title was well-deserved, not handed to them by chance. However, it suggests that the victory may have masked underlying issues, which have become apparent in the current season. Milan, defending champions, struggled in Serie A due to challenges in managing multiple competitions.

Despite significant summer transfers, including Christian Pulisic and Samuel Chukwueze, the squad’s depth is questioned, especially after a draw against Lecce highlighted their inability to sustain performance over numerous games. The article notes that Pioli’s squad rotation has led to inconsistency, and some new players haven’t fully adapted to the system.

The author discusses Milan’s over-reliance on key players, such as Rafael Leão, and points out the impact of injuries on the team’s performance. Defensive stability provided by Fikayo Tomori is emphasized, but concerns arise when he’s absent. The lack of quality substitutes and youth players on the bench is noted as a limitation in vying for trophies and European success.

The article concludes by raising the question of whether Milan can compete at the highest level without significant investment and warns that answers to these concerns may emerge sooner rather than later.

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