May 21, 2024

The job security of key personnel within the 2-8 New York Giants has become a focal point of speculation. Head coach Brian Daboll, general manager Joe Schoen, and quarterback Daniel Jones have all recently been under scrutiny, with reports suggesting significant changes may occur in the upcoming offseason.

As of now, the status of Daboll, Schoen, and Jones seems secure, but uncertainties linger as the season progresses. The team’s struggles throughout the campaign make it plausible that changes may be in store. Notably, Sportskeeda’s Tony Pauline reports that offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and defensive coordinator Don Martindale are expected to be among the staff members let go at the season’s conclusion.

Ravens part ways with DC Don Martindale

Both Kafka and Martindale have held their positions since 2022, coinciding with the start of the Daboll-Schoen era. Kafka, 36, joined the Giants after a successful tenure in Kansas City, where his role in Patrick Mahomes’ development garnered attention. Despite a solid performance last year, the Giants have faced challenges in the current season, marked by injuries to key players like Jones and Saquon Barkley. The team ranks at the bottom of the NFL in both points (11.8) and yards (288) per game. Kafka’s handling of the offensive struggles will be a focal point, especially given the success of the previous season.

Mike Kafka: Giants' opportunity was “special to me and my family” - Big  Blue View

On the defensive front, Martindale, with an extensive pro-level track record, faces a different situation. The 60-year-old had a successful tenure with the Ravens but parted ways with them after a subpar 2021 season. Despite previous excellence, the Giants’ defense currently ranks 29th in points allowed per game (26.6), experiencing regression in both run and pass defense compared to the previous season. Martindale’s response to criticism from safety Xavier McKinney has been made public, suggesting internal challenges within the coaching staff.

Giants sources, according to Pauline, anticipate Kafka’s imminent departure, raising questions about how he will navigate the challenges posed by undrafted rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito. Martindale’s performance is also under close scrutiny as the Giants assess their shortcomings in a season that appears to be lost.

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