May 26, 2024

Sezer, who joined the Giants in 2020 and quickly made an impact by earning a Man of Steel award nomination in his debut season, faced challenges in his second season due to a season-ending injury. Ian Watson expressed his intention to replace Sezer with Theo Fages during that period.

The former Gold Coast Titans halfback then made a move to Leeds, alongside his former Canberra Raiders teammate Blake Austin. High expectations surrounded their partnership, especially after reaching the Grand Final in 2022. However, the duo struggled to flourish as anticipated, primarily due to frequent injuries that kept both players in and out of the lineup.

Sezer has now returned to the NRL with the Wests Tigers and shared his initial doubts about moving to Super League after playing in a Grand Final in the NRL. He questioned the decision initially, feeling like there was unfinished business in the NRL at the age of 28. However, he emphasized that being back in Sydney, close to family and friends, and having the opportunity with the Tigers made the decision worthwhile. He expressed gratitude to Benji and the club and pledged to contribute to a successful year.

Aidan Sezer future at Leeds Rhinos with contract running out at the end of  Super League 2023 – Total Rugby League


Sezer admitted that he had been eager to return home for a couple of years, emphasizing his motivation and transparency about the desire to come back. He acknowledged watching the NRL closely during his time in the UK and expressed readiness to face the challenges again, especially after witnessing the changes in the game’s pace due to rule changes.

Having experienced rugby in the UK, Sezer emphasized that he would not take the NRL for granted upon his return. He recognized the unique standing of the NRL, stating that while the Super League is valuable, it doesn’t hold the same level of esteem as the NRL does. Sezer highlighted the realization of the exceptional nature of the NRL setup after being away and expressed a renewed appreciation for the competition.

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