May 28, 2024

In the NFL, certain expectations are almost guaranteed: the Giants’ offensive linemen will perform poorly, the Jets, if nearing a Super Bowl, will encounter unlikely disasters, and quarterbacks chosen first in the NFL Draft will likely experience more losses than anti-marijuana referendums. Another constant is the aversion to rookie quarterbacks who struggle with media interactions. This brings us to USC quarterback Caleb Johnson, who, if he decides to go pro, is anticipated to be the top pick in the draft. However, after USC’s defeat to UCLA, Williams chose not to speak with reporters, a move that doesn’t sit well with NFL teams, especially those like the Giants in search of their next franchise quarterback. Facing the media is an essential requirement in the NFL, and Williams may need to adjust to this expectation.

caleb williams

The loss to UCLA marked USC’s fifth defeat in the last six games and could potentially be Williams’ final college game. While USC is eligible for a bowl game, Williams is likely to decline if he has already made the decision to enter the draft. USC coach Lincoln Riley acknowledged Williams’ contributions, highlighting his role in rejuvenating the program. Despite passing for 384 yards with a touchdown and an interception on his 22nd birthday, Williams’ performance couldn’t salvage a disappointing regular season for the Trojans, who entered the year ranked No. 5 but finished 7-5 after starting 6-0.

Riley expressed deep disappointment with the team’s performance, acknowledging his own shortcomings in preparing them for the latter part of the season. The overall sentiment is one of dissatisfaction, with the coach recognizing the need for improvement in various aspects of the team’s play.

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