July 12, 2024

The Saints entered their bye week with a so-so 5-5 record. As they prepare to finish the season strongly, The Times-Picayune Saints’ writers convened to reflect on the team’s performance in the first 10 games.

As the discussion unfolded, the consensus among the writers was that the upcoming game against Atlanta is crucial. Jeff Duncan emphasized that a victory would make the Saints strong contenders for winning the division, while a loss might give the Falcons the advantage. The writers generally agreed that the Saints’ playoff prospects were uncertain, with concerns about their competitiveness against strong teams.

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Looking at individual honors, Taysom Hill received unanimous recognition as the team’s Most Valuable Offensive Player. The writers acknowledged his key contributions in multiple facets of the game, particularly in crucial moments.

For the title of Defensive MVP, opinions were split between Carl Granderson and Paulson Adebo. Granderson’s notable stats in sacks, quarterback hits, and tackles for loss were highlighted, while Adebo’s impressive performance in coverage and game-changing plays earned him praise. The writers noted that Adebo’s growth has fortified the secondary, compensating for the absence of injured players.

Discussing surprises, Rashid Shaheed’s development into a potent deep threat caught Jeff Duncan off guard, adding a new dimension to the offense. Luke Johnson expressed surprise at the team’s offensive struggles despite relatively good health. Matthew Paras highlighted the unexpected reliance on Taysom Hill in red-zone situations, and Rod Walker noted the underutilization of tight ends despite expectations.

As for disappointments, Trevor Penning losing his starting position in his second season was a setback, according to Jeff Duncan. Luke Johnson expressed disappointment in the team’s mediocrity and lack of innovation in breaking out of the rut. Matthew Paras mentioned the unusual year for Chris Olave, who fell short of breakout expectations. Rod Walker identified Derek Carr’s performance as a major disappointment, considering the anticipation of a revitalized career in a new environment.

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