May 21, 2024

Although Alex Anthopoulos is still needed to strengthen the starting rotation, Braves Country can confidently predict that it will happen soon.

That doesn’t mean it will happen now or even tomorrow. It’s merely an opinion based on the data provided. According to reports, Aaron Nola signed a contract with the Phillies, and the Braves “were a real threat” to sign him.

Anonymous agent believes Sonny Gray 'would love to play for the Braves'

Yoshinobu Yamamoto was just posted, and baseball insider Steve Phillips claimed yesterday on MLB Network that Atlanta is “in on” him. Pursuing the 25-year-old Japanese sensation carries some risk because there’s no assurance that his skills will translate to Major League Baseball; but, should they, the reported $200+ million contract he’ll earn would be an incredible value.

Anothopoulos might favor a more secure wager. The Braves were reportedly focusing more on Sonny Gray, who will likely demand a lower deal than Nola and Yamamoto due to his age, soon after the Aaron Nola news broke.

After leading Major League Baseball with a 2.83 FIP and recording a 2.79 ERA to finish second in the AL Cy Young race, Gray is coming off of his best season to date. Given his age of thirty-four, the Braves would probably prefer a shorter-term contract.

Twins' Sonny Gray writes another All-Star Game chapter ...

There might also be a shared interest. Originating from Tennessee, Sonny Gray pursued his collegiate career at Vanderbilt, the epicenter of Braves Country. Some people, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney, think Gray would rather play closer to home. An unnamed agent expressed this belief, saying, “I think he would love to play for the Braves,” adding, “like deGrom did last year.”

On paper, the fit makes sense, but with free agency.

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