May 28, 2024

Marco Wilson has faced challenges this season, evident in the statistics and a decrease in his snap percentage over the last four games. Despite the struggles, he played 50 snaps in the Houston game and remains a significant part of the cornerback rotation.

Jonathan Gannon shared his assessment of Wilson’s performance, emphasizing that football is a team sport, and individual struggles are not solely attributed to one player. Gannon acknowledged that Wilson made some positive contributions earlier in the game but pointed out technical issues that surfaced as the game progressed. Gannon highlighted the demanding nature of the cornerback position, acknowledging the difficulty of the downs they face. Despite the challenges, he praised Wilson’s resilience, determination, and work ethic.

Comparing Wilson’s performance this season to the previous one, there is a notable difference. Last season, he excelled with three interceptions, a 57.5 completion percentage for opponents targeting him, and a passer rating of only 77.1. In the current season, adapting to a new defensive scheme, Wilson has allowed a higher completion rate of 75 percent and a significantly elevated passer rating of 148.7.

The Cardinals have utilized various cornerbacks throughout the season, with rookie Kei’Trel Clark starting early on. However, the cornerback lineup has shifted due to injuries and changes in strategy. If Antonio Hamilton’s injury sidelines him, Clark may see more playing time. Despite these adjustments, Wilson is expected to remain a key contributor to the cornerback rotation.

Gannon emphasized the importance of eye discipline, proper leverage, and consistent technique in Wilson’s play during a segment on Arizona Sports 98.7. He acknowledged the challenges of the cornerback position and expressed confidence that Wilson would have a positive week and bounce back from the recent struggles.

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