May 24, 2024

AJ Brimson has swiftly dispelled media reports suggesting tension within the Gold Coast fullback ranks. However, he has hinted at the possibility of a position change in 2024.

Addressing the rumored discord with Titans teammate Jayden Campbell in his characteristic playful and sarcastic manner on social media over the weekend, the 24-year-old continued to downplay the situation during a media session on Tuesday. When questioned about their relationship, Brimson jokingly remarked, “It’s pretty awkward at the moment… we don’t talk too much out here,” adding, “There’s just kind of death stares. We’ve both put our hand up to play on the wing so Keano (Kini) can play fullback anyway, so I think it’ll work itself out.”

NRL 2022: Liam Hampson death, AJ Brimson, Gold Coast Titans

While humorously acknowledging that he is the club’s third-choice fullback behind Campbell and Kini, Brimson raised questions about his position for the 2024 season. Despite declaring fullback as his favorite position, he acknowledged that the final decision rests with the coach, Des. Reflecting on the possibility of playing in the centers, a position he explored towards the end of the previous season, Brimson stated, “Fullback is my favorite spot, but Des is the big dog and Des will pick the team. At the end of the day, whatever team he wants, I think he’s going to pick to give us the best chance to win the comp. I’ll have to kind of learn [to play center] this pre-season (if picked there), but I am open to doing that… we’ll see what happens. At the moment, I’m open to everything and am being optimistic. I love playing for the Titans and living on the Gold Coast, so I’m happy to play anywhere… I just want to play finals footy.”

Brimson’s versatility extends to the possibility of a return to the halves, where he played 35 games as a playmaker in his career on the Gold Coast, notably excelling in 2022 as a five-eighth. However, he expressed reluctance to displace veteran Kieran Foran, emphasizing the importance of Foran’s experience and impact on the team. Brimson said, “I did have my best year stats-wise with tries and try assists then. We’ll see how Foz pulls up… he’s older than me, so we’ll see how he goes. Hopefully Foz can have another year with a big stint on the park.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brimson’s position, Titans coach Des Hasler remained tight-lipped about the lineup for 2024. Hasler acknowledged the versatility of the squad, with many players capable of playing multiple positions. He stated, “I have a good two or three months to look over the squad, and I think one thing, in particular, is there is certainly a lot of hybrid players in the club. By that, I mean they can play a number of positions and are versatile.”

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