May 26, 2024

Tigers supporters have witnessed numerous costly approaches to risky rescues, such as Jarome Luai, and each time it feels like the first puff of an addiction.

Though it may seem cool and you believe you can control it, every puff that soothes now could shorten your life by years later in addition to being incredibly expensive.

Jarome Luai is reportedly little chance of re-signing with Penrith. Picture: NRL Photos

Indeed, the ridiculous four-year offer that the Tigers made to Luai appears to be just another “good” offer—one that benefits everyone but the Tigers.

However, their anxious supporters can relax.

The rumored $4.5 million deal is not as bad as it sounds, even though it might seem like another down payment on an early payout.

Even though I was a wild child growing up in the shadow of a roving pack that left home to play if Luai signs, it will undoubtedly be a huge victory for a team coming off of two straight championships, especially with a rookie coach in charge.


The bad boy five-eighth will be the joint venture’s much-needed circuit breaker, no matter what happens.

That’s a circuit breaker, but it’s the kind that either fries the last of the club’s remnants or gives it a shock.

Even though Luai engages in provocative behavior on the field and engages in online arson, what sets him apart from other football players is not just his skill but also his willingness to play for the Wests Tigers.

For a club that is unable to pull a calf muscle, this is useful.

Reaching a big fish like Luai will help the Tigers shed their stench of desperation and attract more recruits after they have been operating in the recruitment space for years like a fruit bat without sonar.

Never mind that the club recently abandoned a five-year plan because a few player agents threatened to write a letter, or that they are paying him like a LIV golfer on a four-year contract.

It’s true that you have to break the bank in order to make it, but it’s best for fans to forget about Josh Reynolds as soon as the check is written.

Benji Marshall has made Luai his number one target. (Photo by Izhar Khan/Getty Images)

But aside from ending existential suffering and improving bargaining position, Luai has a lot to offer football fans who love the Tigers.

In addition to leading Samoa to a World Cup final and winning three premierships, he has seven Origin appearances for NSW under his belt and, more importantly, experience leading a weakened team.

Remember that he is getting back together with his old teammate Api Koroisau, who is one of the few exceptional players to have worn the Tigers uniform and not performed like a flickering hologram.

Luai’s self-worth and demands were being met by his former teammate at Dummy Half, which allowed him to finally thrive as a legitimate team “owner.” This was not feasible under Nathan Cleary’s ownership (105%).

As super-direct as his mouth is, Luai’s famed running game will also be warmly received for an attack that can go entire winters without seeing a tryline.

Regarding his well-known “attitude,”

Fans won’t mind a few spicy standovers and a beat-box if he adapts his Penrith mindset to a Tigers comeback, even though a winner’s swag will initially clash with the Tigers jersey.

And in the event that Luai joins the joint venture and it fails?

At least the Panthers sell hope, which is a scarcer commodity at Leichhardt than a restroom on the hill, for supporters who are just trying to get through the season without breaking a leg.

However, there is a downside, and it has nothing to do with Luai’s best man speech or bung shoulder.

His acquisition most likely sells a five-eighth as well as hope.


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