May 21, 2024

A year after the initial meeting between Patrick Mahomes and Henry Winkler on an NFL sideline, the promised dinner from the Chiefs quarterback to the iconic actor has yet to materialize. The arrangement began in November during a Chiefs away game against the Los Angeles Chargers, where Mahomes surprised Winkler with a signed personalized jersey.

Touched by the gesture, Winkler extended a dinner invitation to Mahomes at his home, which was accepted. However, Winkler claims to have been ignored since then, stating to TMZ that he believes Mahomes misled him.

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes has special dinner plans

Given Mahomes’ status as one of the NFL’s most prominent players and the responsibilities of caring for his newborn son, it’s plausible that scheduling conflicts during the busy regular season for the Kansas City Chiefs may be a factor. Despite this, the invitation remains open, and Winkler, known for his role in “Happy Days,” revealed that a delectable chicken dish awaits Mahomes whenever he decides to accept. With the Chiefs having one more game in the Los Angeles area on January 7 against the Chargers, where Winkler resides, there’s a possibility that Mahomes could fulfill the dinner commitment at that time. Currently, Mahomes and his teammates are engaged in a game against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium.

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