May 21, 2024

Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship, expressing surprise at Brighton head coach Roberto De Zerbi’s decision not to shake hands after a recent match. Despite a thrilling 3-2 victory for Brighton at City Ground, De Zerbi opted to celebrate with fans instead of acknowledging Cooper.

Cooper, adhering to British coaching etiquette, underscores the tradition of shaking hands after games as a sign of respect, regardless of the outcome. While Cooper is committed to this practice, he acknowledges cultural differences in football traditions.

Brghton boss Roberto De Zerbi vows to maintain his passion despite red card  | The Independent

De Zerbi, reflecting on the challenges his team faces with injuries and a demanding schedule, explains the exuberant celebration as a response to the hardships Brighton has endured. With 10 players sidelined due to injuries and other setbacks, including a red card in the match, De Zerbi justifies the jubilation as a release of pent-up frustration and a celebration of the team’s resilience.

He highlights the difficulties of competing in both the Premier League and the Europa League, citing a significant injury count and the loss of key players during the match against Nottingham Forest. De Zerbi’s spirited celebration is described as a testament to the team’s character and determination during a particularly challenging phase in their season.

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