May 27, 2024

The survey initiates with the customary weekly inquiry regarding confidence in the team’s direction. Following the Thanksgiving defeat in Dallas, which brought the Commanders’ season record to 4-8, how do you currently perceive the team’s prospects?

Moving on to the second query, given that three teams, namely the Commanders, Giants, and Bears, share a 4-8 record, and the initial tiebreaker is Strength of Schedule, the current draft order places the Bears at 4th, the Commanders at 5th, and the Giants at 6th. Although this order may shift before the season concludes, the current predicament is unfavorable due to the reversal of the second-round draft order for these teams. Specifically, it stands as Giants-Commanders-Bears. This is problematic because Washington possesses Chicago’s 2nd round pick, and the tie-breaking process in the draft would effectively push it back by two places.

Unless Washington secures additional victories before Week 18, it is conceivable that the team may conclude the season in its present position at #5 overall. The likelihood of finishing higher than 4th overall or lower than 7th overall seems minimal. Consequently, it appears opportune to gather preliminary opinions on the preferred draft selection.

While it may be premature to focus on individual players, the survey opts to concentrate on positions. Notably, with a top-5 pick, the preference for a particular player becomes apparent for most positions, except for offensive line (potentially two players) or quarterback (potentially more than two players).

To address the second question, participants are simply required to identify the position they would target if assuming the role of the new general manager. Although responses to the survey questions are encouraged, participants are also invited to elaborate on their answers in the comments section, providing nuanced perspectives. These comments play a crucial role in shaping the discussion and analysis of survey results in a subsequent article. Apologies for the digression, and your input is highly valued.


1. Are you confident the Commanders are headed in the right direction?

2. If Washington picks 5th overall in April’s draft,  which position would you target?

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