July 12, 2024

Billy Donovan shares what he loves most about Coby White

“What I love about him a lot of his mindset is what can I do to impact the group.”

After a few seasons where he played with an undefined role, Chicago Bulls guard Coby White is now flourishing as the team’s undisputed starting point guard. With Lonzo Ball’s future and career in doubt after a serious knee injury knocked him out of commission in January 2022, White has been handed the keys to the team and has been making the most of his opportunities.

Bulls sign Coby White | NBA.com

Bulls coach Billy Donovan recently spoke about White’s incredible journey, praising his selflessness, “What I love about him a lot of his mindset is what can I do to impact the group.”

Lonzo Ball’s absence

Ball’s absence has weighed heavily upon the franchise, With Ball on the floor, the Bulls competed with the league’s best; without him, the franchise has been in shambles, failing to make the postseason last season and getting off to a horrendous start this season. Although it’s nearly impossible to replace what the former Bruin brought to the table, White’s unselfishness and adaptability have been welcomed assets.

“The one thing with Coby, it’s almost like he has the mentality (of), ‘I just want to be out there, and if I’m out there, I’ll figure out where I have to play,’” Donovan shared.

Playing alongside high-usage players like DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine can make it tricky to find your footing, but White’s been able to carve out his niche as a dependable shooter and a capable facilitator. Against the New Orleans Pelicans, he put both skills on full display, tallying 31 points highlighted by eight triples and six assists.

Wants to win

White is often categorized as a “tweener”—not quite a point guard, not quite a shooting guard. Donovan, though, simply believes White is a damn good basketball player and competitor.

“I think he’s a basketball player and a competitor and wants to win, and that’s really important to him. He’s always been good about what’s best for the team. It’s not like since he’s come here, it’s this one stable position he’s played all the way through. He’s very driven and motivated and has great internal belief and confidence in himself; he’s about how can I impact winning.”

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