May 27, 2024

NFL legend Tom Brady has sent two of his fitness staff to Birmingham City to help out struggling new manager Wayne Rooney.


In August, Brady assumed a minority ownership position at Birmingham and is exerting his influence at St Andrew’s during a challenging period for the recently appointed coach, Rooney. Since taking charge in October, the former Manchester United legend has only secured one victory.

Wayne Rooney Birmingham City 2023

Brady, a former NFL quarterback, has dispatched two staff members, Peter Cummings and Rob Brennan, to collaborate with the team. Craig Gardner, Birmingham’s technical director, announced at an Open House that the duo’s arrival has been positively received by the players. Gardner stated, “Peter Cummings and Rob are two body coaches that have come over from TBRx. They have been here for about three weeks, writing a philosophy from scratch on how they want it to work. We’ve had a nutritionist come in that works the way Tom Brady wants to work. We are getting a very good reaction from the players.”

Wayne Rooney Birmingham City


Gary Cook, Birmingham’s CEO, commented, “The greatest athletes in the world, there is something a little different about them. The ones who are world champions are slightly different. Tom Brady is like that. He has this myopic focus, this unnerving focus about recovery, nutrition, the body, athletes, how they perform, why they perform and when they perform. Craig (Gardner) has embraced that. He’s brought some body coaches over from America, and they are now working with the physios and sports science team. There’s a new way of thinking. It doesn’t mean to say it works, or it’s wrong, or it’s right. What it is, is change. If you’re willing to change, it might work, it might make us better.”


After a challenging period with the Championship side, Rooney is likely to appreciate the backing from Brady. Birmingham fans expressed their dissatisfaction by booing the team off the pitch after a recent match against Rotherham. Brady, who was present at the game, witnessed Rooney criticizing his players and calling for changes to the team.


Birmingham supporters will have to wait and observe whether Brady’s staff can uplift the players and contribute to an improvement in performance. Rooney’s team is set to face Coventry and Cardiff next, followed by a clash with the current league leaders, Leicester City.

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