May 26, 2024

Toto Wolff has made his anger towards the FIA quite clear, stressing a “red line” was crossed with their recent investigation which brought his family into play.

The FIA stirred controversy recently by initiating an investigation into a potential conflict of interest involving a Formula One Management member and an unnamed Formula 1 team boss. Toto Wolff, the principal of Mercedes, found his name linked to the investigation in an internal FIA briefing, with his wife Susie Wolff also implicated by association. In response, Mercedes issued a statement expressing surprise and denial, while Formula One Management retaliated against the FIA’s probe.

A red line was crossed' - Wolff on FIA probe

Toto Wolff criticized the FIA for what he deemed a “personal attack” and confirmed an “active legal exchange” between Mercedes and the FIA regarding the investigation. The FIA swiftly concluded the investigation, expressing satisfaction with the robustness of Formula One Management’s compliance management system. However, Susie Wolff, in a social media post, described herself as “collateral damage” and revealed experiencing online abuse.

Toto Wolff condemned the FIA for crossing a “red line” and bringing his family into the controversy. He stated, “An absurd accusation was created out of nowhere. This was a personal attack in which a red line was crossed. After 10 years as team boss, I’m already pretty hardened [to hearing things], but this story was shocking. If I’m caught in the crossfire, that’s not a problem for me at all. I’ve developed a thick skin and can take it. But when people go after my family, that’s a different level.”

Lewis Hamilton also expressed disappointment and labeled the week as challenging. He criticized the FIA for questioning the integrity of Susie Wolff without evidence and emphasized the need for change in the leadership’s approach. Hamilton highlighted the ongoing efforts to improve diversity and inclusion within the industry and called for a shift in the mindset of certain individuals within the FIA leadership.

The year 2024 is a significant season for the F1 Academy series managed by Susie Wolff. All 10 F1 teams are set to select one driver to compete with their livery for the upcoming campaign, marking a landmark moment in the series.

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