May 26, 2024

In the ongoing trade saga involving Zach LaVine and the Chicago Bulls, a significant factor is the strained relationship between the star player and coach Billy Donovan.

Throughout the years, LaVine and Donovan have had a rocky connection, highlighted by a notable disagreement last year that marked a pivotal moment in their questionable bond in Chicago. This season, concerns about their relationship deepened when reports surfaced that Donovan was displeased with LaVine’s actions in the postgame following a dramatic win against the Miami Heat in November. While Donovan asserted that the issue had been “handled internally,” it undoubtedly left a negative impact on the coach and the team.

Zach LaVine 'Obviously' Wants Lakers Trade, But Key Issue Looms for Bulls,  per Report

Recent reports suggest that the professional relationship between LaVine and Donovan has become “broken,” particularly from LaVine’s perspective. According to sources, LaVine has been passive in following Donovan’s leadership in Chicago and has been reluctant to play for him since last season.

“One source said that the relationship between LaVine and coach Billy Donovan, while still amicable, is broken from a professional standpoint, mostly on LaVine’s end. He would rather make ripples than waves but no longer wants to play for Donovan and really hasn’t wanted to since last season,” noted Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times.

This revelation adds a conflicting layer to LaVine’s recent commitment to play for the Bulls amid trade speculations. While he expressed loyalty to the team after being sidelined due to foot soreness, the context around potential trade talks becomes clearer, with Donovan seen as secure in his coaching position and LaVine perceived as the more expendable player.

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