May 28, 2024

The Eagles have some foundational pieces for the 2024 team, regardless of where the remainder of the season leadKelee Ringo, Philadelphia Eagless them.

Maybe the NFL’s “week-by-week” schedule is starting to wear on us. Our recollections of the previous game are meant to be fleeting. We’re expected to have tunnel vision and concentrate solely on the Philadelphia Eagles’ next opponent. Then why are we still talking about those losses to the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers?

Perhaps old habits die a little harder? Hmm.

What do you know? When we stop to think about it, coaches and players should have that “week-by-week” and “brick-by-brick” mentality. Viewers and journalists are free to focus on the past or the future as much as they like.

Having said that, we’re here for the whole smoke. We’re open to talking about mock drafts. You’re in luck if you enjoy talking about 2024 NFL Draft prospects. And we also do.

What say you about this? What if we discussed some basic components and building clocks?

Nothing increases a man’s value more than if his employer is unable to locate a capable replacement for him while he is away from the office. The reason for Philly’s shortcomings at slot cornerback is Avonte Maddox’s current status as an injured reserve player.

There’s good news here, but it doesn’t help Philadelphia just yet. Maddox is coming back and won’t be available for free until 2025.

Avonte Maddox, Philadelphia Eagles

We can add Maddox to the list of players this Eagles team will still be centered around in 2024, regardless of how the current season plays out. Here are a few more guys who will be joining him but were not as well-known.


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