May 28, 2024

Falcons fans believe that Arthur Smith may have coached his final game for Atlanta, especially after their recent defeat to the Panthers following a previous loss to the Buccaneers. Despite still having control over their playoff fate after the Buccaneers game, the 9-7 loss to the Panthers has severely diminished their postseason hopes.

This kind of defeat often leads to changes in coaching staff, but Falcons players, including veteran Calais Campbell, express support for Arthur Smith. Campbell praises Smith’s coaching abilities, emphasizing his focus on improvement, motivation, and getting players to perform at their best.

Arthur Blank

Despite the team facing the likelihood of a high draft pick, players remain focused on their tasks, acknowledging both the team’s strengths and the need to address lapses in performance. Jake Matthews describes Smith as a “tremendous leader.”

Arthur Smith himself exudes confidence in his abilities, stating that self-belief is essential in any job and emphasizing the cyclical nature of success and consequences in the NFL. He remains optimistic about the team’s chances and believes in his capabilities as a coach.

However, an intriguing development is Falcons owner Arthur Blank’s response during a recent press conference. When asked about Smith’s job security, Blank declined to comment, stating that it was not a good time to discuss it. Blank’s silence contrasts with reports suggesting that a “late-season collapse” would be required for Smith to be fired. The humiliating loss to the Panthers raises questions about Smith’s future with the team, and Blank’s reserved response adds uncertainty to the situation.

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