July 12, 2024

- Sheffield Wednesday v Ipswich Town, Sky Bet Championship, Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, UK - 16th September 2023 Editorial Use Only - DataCo restrictions apply

Conor Chaplin of Ipswich Town has asserted that his role in the team hasn’t undergone significant changes since transitioning to Championship football. Despite concluding the previous season as one of the top scorers in League One, netting 26 goals in 45 games, he initially needed some time to adapt to the higher tier. Presently, he is performing at his peak, boasting eight goals and six assists.

While he used to play as a striker earlier in his career, Chaplin doesn’t view himself as a typical attacking midfielder operating behind the striker. Instead, he adopts a versatile approach, moving laterally across the field and exploiting small pockets of space, a consistent aspect of his gameplay since joining Ipswich in 2021.


Discussing his evolving role, the 26-year-old remarked, “It’s probably changed from game to game sometimes. I do feel like opposition teams try to nullify my space quite a lot more now.”

Acknowledging the varying degrees of influence he may have in different matches, Chaplin emphasized the team-oriented perspective, stating, “If they’re going to work that hard to nullify me and limit space, then Broady (Broadhead) or Leif (Davis) or Wes (Burns) is going to have a lot of space.”

He expressed a willingness to accept reduced personal impact if it contributes to the team’s success, emphasizing the importance of adapting to different scenarios during matches. Chaplin highlighted the need to make strategic decisions, such as timing runs into the box, drawing defenders in certain situations, and ensuring he remains a tactical threat regardless of available space. Ultimately, he sees it as his responsibility to find ways to positively influence the game for the team’s benefit.

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