May 24, 2024

Prostate Cancer UK and QPR have joined forces to increase awareness about the most prevalent cancer in men, responsible for claiming over 12,000 lives annually. Additionally, the collaboration aims to generate essential funds to support Prostate Cancer UK in establishing a screening program for men.

Prostate Cancer UK, renowned for its valuable services, including an online risk checker, allows individuals to assess their susceptibility to the disease through a brief questionnaire. Given that early-stage prostate cancer often presents with no symptoms, understanding one’s risk and taking proactive measures is of paramount importance. Access the risk checker by clicking HERE.

The enduring partnership anticipates providing QPR fans and men at large with a platform to address this potentially intimidating topic within the comfort of familiar environments. This collaboration seeks to foster trust and raise awareness about the crucial work undertaken by Prostate Cancer UK.


R’s fans, players, and staff have long recognized the significance of both fundraising and awareness initiatives for a disease affecting one in eight men. Their dedication to supporting the ultimate goal of saving and enhancing the lives of men with the disease is deeply appreciated.

Furthermore, as part of this year’s partnership, Jason Woodford, a prominent QPR fan supporting various club initiatives, has pledged to donate £100 for every goal scored by QPR in the 2023/24 season, ensuring a minimum contribution of £5,000 to Prostate Cancer UK.

Euan Inglis, QPR commercial director, expressed gratitude for Jason’s generous gesture and the club’s enthusiasm in contributing to fundraising and awareness efforts. The collaboration includes plans for digital innovations to effectively promote the online risk checker among fans, recognizing its crucial role in helping men understand their risk in the absence of apparent symptoms.

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