May 28, 2024

AC Milan CEO Giorgio Furlani has admitted that the club could be active during the January transfer window, while also giving his thoughts on the European Super League project.

Milan continued their winning streak by securing a 3-0 victory against Monza at San Siro after their Champions League success over Newcastle United. This triumph also narrowed the gap to Juventus.

Tonight, the objective is to clinch a third consecutive win, intensifying the pressure on Salernitana, who currently sit at the bottom of the table and are led by coach Pippo Inzaghi, a familiar figure to the returning director Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Furlani shared his thoughts on the Super League in an interview with DAZN just before the kick-off against Salernitana. According to MilanNews, his comments were translated as follows:

Furlani discusses Milan's January plans and the Super League relaunch |  OneFootball

Regarding the Super League, he said, “President Scaroni has already addressed this issue, and I defer to his statements. Much has transpired, and it is essential for everyone to comprehend, scrutinize, and analyze. There has been extensive discourse; however, I’m uncertain how thoroughly it has been examined. Regardless, our primary focus is on Italian football and addressing the challenges that Italian football faces, aiming to enhance its competitiveness on a European scale.”

What do you think of Cardinale’s statements, who said he was disappointed with the results in the Champions League. What are the goals you have in mind?

Initially, Gerry expressed his Christmas wishes to me. In my view, while he didn’t explicitly mention unhappiness, he’s the type of individual who is never satisfied because he strives for success, aligning with Milan’s desire to win.

Regarding our goals, we remain contenders for three trophies: the Coppa Italia, the Europa League, and Serie A. Although we would have preferred to continue in the Champions League and accumulate more points in the league, we are still in contention, and we are committed to giving our best until the end. It is a responsibility we bear, both for ourselves and for our supporters.

What will the January mercato bring?

To begin, we believe we possess a formidable team. While the challenge of injuries has undeniably impacted us, it has allowed our younger players to showcase their capabilities. As evidenced this summer, we have been proactive and assertive in the transfer market. Should opportunities arise in January, we are ready to capitalize on them. Our confidence lies in the abilities of our players and the collective strength of the team.

And Zlatan is back…

“ Zlatan is a special person who has a lot to say and can do a lot. He has already done a lot for Milan and will do even more. I’m lucky to have him with me, Milan is lucky and all the Milan fans are lucky. I am very happy.”

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