May 21, 2024

In Retrospect, Red Wings Perron Should’ve Punched Zub

David Perron remains an appealing asset, and the Detroit Red Wings are optimistic about his return to the lineup. Coach Derek Lalonde highlights Perron’s natural competitiveness and energy as valuable additions to the struggling team, emphasizing the positive impact during challenging times.

Following a six-game NHL suspension for cross-checking Ottawa Senators defenseman Artem Zub, Perron is set to return against the Philadelphia Flyers at Little Caesars Arena. Expressing his belief that the punishment was disproportionate, Perron continues to appeal the suspension, citing concerns about the severity in comparison to his career history.

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Despite having served the suspension length, Perron acknowledges that the ongoing appeal is primarily for record and financial considerations. However, the situation is complicated by the NHL’s acceptance of a certain level of “frontier justice,” where on-ice incidents are met with immediate responses.

Perron recognizes the league’s expectation of a prompt reaction to such incidents, whether right or wrong. He suggests that if he had chosen a different response, such as engaging in a physical altercation rather than using his stick as a weapon, the disciplinary action might have been less severe. He points to a past incident involving Ottawa’s Mathieu Joseph and Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin as an example.

In recounting a previous altercation between Joseph and Larkin, where Joseph received only a two-minute penalty for a hit from behind, Perron implies that a physical confrontation without a weapon would have resulted in a milder response from the league. He underscores the NHL’s message to players seeking retribution: opt for a physical altercation rather than using equipment as a weapon to avoid severe consequences.

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