May 24, 2024

Lewis Hamilton asserted that it’s easy to discern when Max Verstappen is feeling pressured based on the tone of his radio messages. However, Verstappen refuted the suggestion, emphasizing, “I never make any mistakes.” After the British Grand Prix, Hamilton commented on Verstappen’s radio communication with Gianpiero Lambiase, noting that Verstappen is serious when he adds an ‘F’ to his comments.

In response to the claim that he feels pressure during races, Verstappen explained that during the United States Grand Prix, he was unhappy with the situation and needed full focus to address brake problems while Hamilton was closing in. He added, “But, it’s good that they [other drivers] might think like that. But, for me, I’m never… Well, even if I am under pressure, I’m not making mistakes anyway. So, it’s fine.”

Max Verstappen shuts down Lewis Hamilton accusation with pointed response |  F1 | Sport |

Despite his substantial lead in the championship, Verstappen wasn’t concerned about competitors. Sergio Perez finished second in the Drivers’ Championship but was 290 points behind, and Lewis Hamilton secured third place. Verstappen, however, considered Lando Norris and McLaren as his strongest challengers, citing their consistent performance compared to other teams. He highlighted McLaren’s impressive progress and hinted at their potential strength in the upcoming season.

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