May 21, 2024

Once again, there is widespread speculation about Bill Belichick’s future, both in New England and beyond. Numerous reports suggest that the Patriots will part ways with the legendary coach during the upcoming offseason. The Washington Commanders are often mentioned as a potential destination for Belichick, especially if they decide to part ways with their current head coach, Ron Rivera. Earlier in the season, there were even credible rumors about a potential trade involving Belichick and the Commanders.

Ranking 7 best coaching destinations for Bill Belichick in 2024

While Belichick’s personal preferences remain known only to him, the general consensus is that he would only join an organization that grants him the extensive decision-making authority he currently enjoys in New England. He has a desire to have control over personnel decisions and team operations.

However, a recent report from Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer casts doubt on the likelihood of Belichick joining the Washington Commanders. Breer suggests that the team’s new owner, Josh Harris, may not be willing to relinquish complete control of the organization to a single individual. This could be a potential obstacle for Belichick, as obtaining the same level of authority he has in New England might be challenging in Washington or any other organization.

As the Patriots’ disappointing 2023 season approaches its conclusion with only three games left, the anticipation builds regarding Belichick’s future. The closer we get to the end of the season, the more it seems inevitable that New England will make a franchise-altering decision in January.

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