July 12, 2024

Given the Chargers’ recent performance, marked by six losses and a significant 63-21 defeat in the last seven games, the decision to release Sebastian Joseph-Day, a team captain and a regular starter in 14 games on the defensive line, came as a surprise, as noted by the Chargers’ SB Nation site. Speculation is now circulating, as is customary in such situations, with rumors suggesting that the San Francisco 49ers might be interested in acquiring him.

According to Coach Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers are currently grappling with injury concerns, particularly on the defensive interior. Arik Armstead, dealing with a foot injury and a knee problem, will be unavailable for the upcoming game against the Ravens, while Javon Hargrave is questionable due to a hamstring injury.

Sebastian Joseph-Day

Acquiring a new player mid-season presents its challenges, including the necessity of making room on the roster by cutting another player. However, the 49ers, driven by a “Super-Bowl-or-bust” mentality, cannot afford to let injuries hinder their progress. CBS Sports.com suggests that signing Joseph-Day could serve as a strategic insurance move, especially with the NFC rival Cowboys also expressing interest in him. The 49ers are identified as a potential “landing spot” for Joseph-Day in this scenario.

Sebastian Joseph-Day Could Have Options

CBS has identified the Cowboys, 49ers, and Browns in the AFC as potential suitors for Joseph-Day. However, other playoff teams such as Jacksonville, Kansas City, and Buffalo, in need of reinforcement in their defensive fronts, could also be interested. Another possibility is a return to his original team, the Rams. Having spent his first three NFL seasons with the Rams and contributing to their 2021 Super Bowl championship, Joseph-Day signed a three-year, $24 million contract with the Chargers.

If Joseph-Day decides to make an NFL comeback this season, he faces the decision of joining a team like the 49ers for a deep playoff run or opting for more playing time with teams like the Jaguars or Browns. CBS’s Garrett Podell highlighted the 49ers as a strong contender for the Super Bowl this season, considering Joseph-Day’s championship experience and the potential need for depth in the 49ers’ defensive front, especially with starting defensive tackle Javon Hargrave dealing with a hamstring strain in Week 15.

49ers Rumors: Team ‘Concerned’ on Armstead Injury

The primary issue with the 49ers currently revolves around Arik Armstead’s injury concerns. Armstead is contending with a foot injury reminiscent of the one he faced last year, leading to a missed game due to plantar fasciitis. Although he returned for the playoffs, participating in significant snap counts, he will now be absent for his third consecutive game against the Ravens on Monday night. In addition to a knee problem, Kyle Shanahan emphasized that the foot poses a more significant challenge.

How Can Ravens Exploit Arik Armstead-Less 49ers?

Arik Armstead holds a prominent position as an elite interior lineman, boasting a Pro Football Focus grade of 81.9, ranking him tenth among the 130 qualified defensive linemen in the NFL. His absence has been notable, especially considering his contributions, including five sacks and 13 quarterback hits, making him a key player on the team.

During the Week 15 match against Arizona, both Armstead and Hargrave were sidelined, resulting in the 49ers’ defensive line struggling as the Cardinals accumulated 234 rushing yards. While Shanahan acknowledges that the defensive line isn’t solely to blame for this outcome, there is a valid concern about the impact of Armstead’s absence.

Shanahan expressed concern about Armstead’s ongoing situation, stating on Friday, “Yes, we’re concerned. We do think he has a chance each week, but I’d say it’s a little more the foot than the knee. Something that’s bothered him for a little bit. I’m just hoping the pain will go down.”

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