May 27, 2024

Georgia Football received a special Christmas present on Christmas Eve with the official announcement from Trevor Etienne, the former Florida running back, that he will be joining the Bulldogs. Standing at 5’9″ and weighing 205 pounds, Etienne brings an impressive track record with 131 carries, 753 rushing yards, and eight touchdowns.

This acquisition is significant for the Dawgs, especially considering the potential draft losses of either Milton or Edwards. In need of an experienced and dynamic running back, Georgia found both qualities in Etienne. Coach Kirby Smart has excelled in utilizing the transfer portal to address team needs and enhance various positions.

Florida's Trevor Etienne Announces Transfer to SEC Rival

Smart has systematically fulfilled the Dawgs’ requirements and improved specific areas, focusing on strengthening the offensive lineup for quarterback Carson Beck. With an abundance of talent at nearly every offensive position, Georgia now boasts considerable depth, and Etienne provides an additional dimension as a home run threat from the backfield.

Last season, Georgia lacked a running back with the ability to break long runs and combine speed with power, attributes that Etienne possesses. Despite being a fan of Etienne’s skills, the author expresses a dislike for his previous affiliation with Florida. However, the shift of players between rival teams is becoming a common occurrence in college football.

The author draws a humorous parallel to Florida fans’ reactions to former Georgia players transferring to Florida, highlighting the irony in their current dismay over Etienne’s move to Georgia. Looking ahead, the author suggests that while it may be unconventional to cheer for a player who switched sides, the overall impact on Georgia’s offense is undeniably positive.

Although the author refrains from boldly predicting the Dawgs will have the greatest offense in college football history, they anticipate a formidable and potentially special season. The optimism is fueled by the promising recruiting class and Kirby Smart’s adept use of the transfer portal.

In conclusion, Georgia, already renowned as “Running Back University,” solidifies this reputation with the addition of Etienne, leaving fans excited about the team’s prospects for the upcoming season.

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