May 28, 2024

Jacoby Brissett stepped in as the Commanders’ quarterback for the second consecutive week, replacing Sam Howell, and once again, he injected significant energy into the team. Despite facing a 27-7 deficit against the Jets, Brissett orchestrated three consecutive touchdown drives, temporarily putting the Commanders in the lead before the Jets secured a game-winning field goal. Unlike Howell, Brissett, after the game, wasn’t focused on making a case for himself as the team’s starter.

Having considerably more NFL experience than Howell, Brissett shared the advice he offered to the second-year player. He emphasized that there’s no “magic pill” to immediately lift Howell out of his performance slump, contributing to a six-game losing streak. Brissett stressed the importance of having the right people offering guidance and support, expressing his desire to be one of those individuals for Howell.

During his postgame press conference, Brissett conveyed to Howell that the current challenges represent one of the toughest phases in his career, emphasizing the feeling of isolation during a difficult time. Drawing from his own experience in the league, Brissett noted that resilient individuals find a way to overcome adversity, regardless of how long or challenging the journey may be. He encouraged Howell to surround himself with positive influences and expressed his willingness to be one of those supportive figures.

Looking ahead to Week 17, Coach Ron Rivera did not announce a starting quarterback, and the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position for 2024 leaves many questions for Howell, Brissett, and the rest of the Commanders. However, one certainty for Howell is that he has a veteran teammate in Brissett who is willing to offer guidance and support during challenging times.

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