May 28, 2024

When examining the Philadelphia Eagles’ schedule for this NFL season, a particular stretch of time emerged as exceptionally challenging. Commencing on November 5, the Eagles encountered a formidable lineup of opponents, including the Dallas Cowboys twice, the reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills, the San Francisco 49ers, and playoff contender Seattle Seahawks. The fact that the Seahawks were perceived as the least formidable team in this sequence underscores the arduous nature of those six weeks for Philadelphia.

While many teams would be satisfied with a 3-3 outcome, the Eagles find themselves far from content, entering Week 16 on a three-game losing streak. Offensive coordinator Brian Johnson expressed his dissatisfaction, stating, “I think when you look at it and you kind of go through it, and it’s been a not good three weeks, not very good production, definitely not up to the standard that we expect.” Johnson emphasizes the need for action and problem-solving to rectify the situation, posing the question of how to improve and address the issues. According to Johnson, the solution lies in two key aspects: generating explosive plays and taking care of the football—areas where the team has faltered during the losing streak.

Jalen Hurts, the quarterback, has struggled as a passer, throwing two interceptions and just one touchdown in the last three weeks. While he has made an impact with his running ability, his overall quarterback play has been lacking. Johnson asserts that improvement in this area is crucial for Philadelphia to return to a winning form. He acknowledges the challenge and expresses confidence in the offensive team’s ability to meet it, stating, “No one is running from that. It’s just very matter of fact in terms of, ‘okay, this is what needs to be done.’”

Looking ahead to two games against the New York Giants and one against the Arizona Cardinals, the Eagles are aware that finishing with a three-game winning streak may not garner much recognition. However, their focus is not on credit but on using these upcoming games to establish a rhythm and regain the confidence that prompted All-Pro center Jason Kelce to return instead of retiring. This regained form could prove valuable as the playoffs approach, and Philadelphia aims to ascend to the top of the NFC once again.

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