July 12, 2024

When Mike Vernon received the news last summer about his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, one of the first people to congratulate him was his former Detroit Red Wings goaltending partner, Chris Osgood.

Recalling the moment, Vernon shared, “He sent me a text saying, ‘Congratulations.'” Without hesitation, Vernon affirmed that he believes Osgood is deserving of Hall of Fame recognition. According to Vernon, Osgood’s two Cup victories and impressive career achievements make it unquestionable that Osgood will have his moment in the Hall of Fame.

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When asked about the timing of Osgood’s potential induction, Vernon expressed less certainty. Having waited 18 years for his own Hall of Fame call, Vernon emphasized the importance of patience. He mentioned his experience of having an advocate in the Calgary Flames organization who presented his case to the Hall of Fame, highlighting that making a persuasive argument is crucial.

Reflecting on Osgood’s future prospects, Vernon acknowledged, “You can’t push it.” He noted that even his daughter had written a letter advocating for him in the past, which wasn’t immediately successful. Vernon believes that, in Osgood’s case, it’s just a matter of time, though he can’t predict whether it will happen next year or later, given the yearly influx of new candidates.

Looking ahead to 2024, Vernon pointed out that first-year contenders will include former Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk and Hall-eligible Henrik Zetterberg, who captained the Red Wings before Dylan Larkin took on the role.

Patience Will Be Virtue For Red Wings Osgood

Osgood undeniably possesses an impressive track record that merits serious consideration for a spot in the Hall of Fame. He stands among the elite group of 13 NHL goaltenders who have secured over 400 regular-season victories. Additionally, he joins the ranks of 32 goaltenders with a commendable record of at least 50 shutouts. Osgood’s winning percentage of .583 places him at the 13th position in the all-time rankings.

In the postseason, Osgood’s achievements continue to shine. With three Stanley Cup championships under his belt, he has established himself as a prominent figure. In terms of NHL playoff wins, he holds the ninth position with 74 victories, merely three behind Vernon. Furthermore, he shares the fifth spot with 15 playoff shutouts.

Vernon, recognizing Osgood’s remarkable accomplishments, expressed his belief in Osgood’s eventual induction into the Hall of Fame. He advised Osgood to remain patient, emphasizing that with his youthfulness compared to Vernon, he has ample time for the recognition to come his way.

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