May 24, 2024

Post-season and pre-season testing hasn’t been a beloved activity among drivers, and recently, Sergio Perez went so far as to describe it as a ‘pain in the a**’.

Hamilton seems to share a similar sentiment, as he admitted to resorting to the classic tactic of feigning illness to avoid work. This revelation emerged during an end-of-season review on the team’s official YouTube channel. Hamilton discussed this matter alongside team principal Toto Wolff and reserve driver Mick Schumacher in front of a full room at their Brackley headquarters.

Lewis Hamilton admits faking illness to shirk F1 duties for Mercedes -

Hamilton admits faking illness

Wolff addressed George Russell’s absence by disclosing that the individual from King’s Lynn was grappling with an illness. However, Hamilton’s subsequent remarks highlighted the extent to which the 38-year-old was prepared to go to avoid participating in testing.

Wolff clarified Russell’s condition, stating, “George is genuinely unwell; it’s not an excuse he fabricated.”

Hamilton then shared his thoughts, saying, “I was curious. In the past, I’ve used similar tactics to skip test days because I generally dislike them. So when I heard yesterday that he was unwell, I thought, ‘Ah, he’s taken it to another level!'”

Looking ahead to pre-season testing scheduled for February 21-23 next year, a week prior to the Bahrain opener, excitement is building for the return of racing. Hamilton is set to be present, expressing hope that the Mercedes team can bounce back and challenge Red Bull after a disappointing 2023 season.

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