May 28, 2024

Jim Harbaugh, the 60-year-old head football coach at the University of Michigan, is currently in Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl and is notably uninterested in discussing the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers, the newest professional football team in Southern California, are in the process of searching for a new coach, and Harbaugh has been a perennial name linked to NFL rumors since parting ways with the 49ers in 2014.

Chargers hiring Jim Harbaugh is much more likely after latest intel

Despite being in the midst of constant speculation about a potential return to the pros, Harbaugh remained evasive during a press conference ahead of the CFP Semifinal. He carefully avoided any discussion about the NFL with a series of “ums” and a filibuster-like response. The Chargers are reportedly exploring the possibility of bringing Harbaugh on board, and his history with the organization during his playing days in San Diego adds intrigue to the situation.

While nothing is official yet, there’s a growing sense that this year might be the one where Harbaugh makes the move back to the NFL, especially given his responses during the recent press conference. Michigan is making efforts to retain him, offering a substantial deal that reportedly includes a clause preventing him from considering NFL opportunities in the upcoming offseason or possibly even longer.

Despite Michigan’s efforts, Harbaugh has not committed to the new deal, indicating a hesitancy that suggests he’s not ready to forego the possibility of joining the Chargers. His responses during the press conference at Disneyland showcased a level of “coach speak” that skillfully avoided providing any concrete answers, making it one of the most non-committal responses in recent memory.

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