May 28, 2024

Each week throughout the 2023 season, we delve into the Eagles’ media guide to uncover intriguing details. The Eagles’ PR interns excel at highlighting these unique tidbits in the media guide, providing a valuable glimpse into the personalities behind the football helmets.

In our latest exploration, we engaged in a conversation with linebacker Shaq Leonard, whose initial employment involved working at a car wash, an experience that eventually led him to establish his own car wash business.

Shaq Leonard says Nick Sirianni is why he chose Eagles over Cowboys

Me: Can you share your early experience and how old you were when you started working there?

Leonard: I began working at a car wash when I was 13 in South Carolina. As I grew older and entered the NFL, I ventured into entrepreneurship, founding my own mobile car wash business named Maniac Magic in Lake View, South Carolina. We go directly to our customers, offering the convenience of washing their vehicles wherever they are, be it at work or elsewhere.

Me: What were your responsibilities as a kid working at the car wash?

Leonard: Initially, my tasks involved the more labor-intensive aspects, such as thoroughly cleaning the interiors of cars. It was a challenging job, tackling the dirt and grime to ensure the cars appeared brand new. Working with older colleagues, I often found myself handling the tougher assignments.

Me: How long did you work there?

Leonard: It was a summer job, lasting a couple of months. Once football season resumed in July, I wrapped up my time at the car wash.

Me: Do you think that experience marked the beginning of understanding the value of hard work?

Leonard: Absolutely. My brother always emphasized never asking for a handout. Those early lessons instilled in me the importance of working for everything, understanding the commitment of waking up early and being accountable. Earning my own money at a young age brought a sense of independence, a mindset I carry to this day—preferring hard work over relying on handouts.

Me: When did you start your business, and what inspired the idea?

Leonard: I launched my business around 2 1/2 years ago. The idea emerged during casual conversations with my friends about how we could contribute and grow together. Recognizing the desire of my friends to work, I saw an opportunity to provide them with jobs in a relatively straightforward industry. Supporting my friends and family has always been a priority, and this venture allowed me to elevate those who have been with me since Day 1.

Me: How is the business doing?

Leonard: It’s going well. While the current cold weather has slowed things down, especially during winter, we typically handle around 10-12 cars per day in the summer. Considering our location in a small market, I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made.

Me: Thank you for sharing.

Leonard: Thank you.

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