May 26, 2024

The Detroit Red Wings find themselves at a crucial point in the season, sparking conversations about the potential trade of star forward Patrick Kane. Although the Red Wings were initially competitive early in the season, their performance has declined since acquiring Kane, resulting in a 2-8-1 record with him in the lineup.

Despite Kane’s impressive individual performance as a point-per-game player, uncertainties surround his future with the team. Chris Johnston, speaking on the OverDrive show, addressed the mounting speculation regarding Kane’s trade prospects. “I won’t spoil anything, but he’s definitely going to be on the upcoming trade bait board,” said Johnston. He disclosed that discussions about a possible move were part of the extensive process leading to Kane’s signing with the Red Wings. A crucial aspect of these negotiations was the acknowledgment that if Detroit fails to clinch a playoff spot, Kane might be on the move.

Patrick Kane trade buzz grows amid Red Wings' struggles

The Red Wings were aware that trading Kane was always a potential outcome.

Johnston underscored the careful thought process behind Kane’s decision-making, emphasizing that it was a deliberate move rather than a hasty one. The potential involvement of Kane’s no-movement clause adds complexity to the potential trade, as he has a say in where he may go.

“One of the conversations that happened at that time was the possibility that if Detroit wasn’t a playoff team you know he would be moved on and he he’s got to say and where he goes with the clause to, you know, dictate that he get the call that but I think it is a possibility.”

As the Red Wings navigate a crucial phase in their season, where the outcomes in January and February will significantly impact their playoff prospects, the prospect of Kane becoming a trade asset becomes more pronounced. Johnston highlighted that both Kane and the Red Wings understand the situation, acknowledging that a trade could materialize if the team doesn’t position itself as a playoff contender. He pointed out that while an immediate decision isn’t required, the Red Wings face a critical deadline scenario. If they fail to reverse their fortunes and secure a playoff spot, Kane’s potential availability on the trade market could significantly alter the landscape as the NHL trade deadline approaches. The upcoming weeks are likely to bring heightened speculation as the Red Wings evaluate their playoff chances, raising the question of whether discussions between the player and the team will commence.

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