May 21, 2024

The Braves have executed the anticipated move for an experienced starting pitcher, and true to Alex Anthopoulos’s style, they surprised everyone by acquiring Chris Sale. Dealing Vaughn Grissom made logical sense as they entered the offseason, especially after acquiring Jared Kelenic. It seems that part of the reason Sale was the chosen pitcher is to avoid relying on their future rotation, which includes promising pitching prospects like AJ Smith-Shawver, Hurston Waldrep, Owen Murphy, and JR Ritchie.

While Sale carries more volatility compared to pitchers like Dylan Cease or Shane Bieber, the risk of injury is high for all pitchers. Sale offers significant single-season upside and brings the advantage of two years of team control through a club option, which helps mitigate potential downsides.

Chris Sale could be the answer to a lingering question for the Atlanta  Braves starting pitching rotation - Battery Power

Overall, this trade appears to be a sensible move for all parties involved. Boston acquires a young player to aid in rebuilding, Atlanta secures a seasoned starter for immediate team improvement, giving up only Grissom, who lacked a clear path to near-future playing time. Sale joins a contender and a well-managed organization, while Grissom gets his chance to make a mark in the majors. It’s a mutually beneficial trade.

Shifting gears, our season reviews series concluded with a focus on NL MVP Ronald Acuna Jr. and the potentially top-ranked prospect in the organization, AJ Smith-Shawver.

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