July 12, 2024

In 2023, the Philadelphia Phillies experienced a successful year as a team, winning 90 games and securing the first Wild Card spot by a comfortable margin of six games. Despite reaching Game Seven in the NLCS, the ultimate outcome was not as desired.

Acknowledging the team’s objective achievements, both the players and the fans share a sense of disappointment regarding the season’s conclusion and recognize the potential for improvement. The inherent fluctuations of a 162-game season notwithstanding, a closer examination of individual and team performance offers valuable insights.

Philadelphia Phillies 2024 Opening Day lineup prediction 1.0

At the outset of each season, players set expectations for themselves, and the team establishes varying benchmarks for different individuals. Realistic expectations consider factors such as Brandon Marsh’s unlikely achievement of 40 home runs or Kyle Schwarber winning a Gold Glove.

However, as the team reflects on the past season, there is an understanding that certain players should raise their performance standards for the upcoming 2024 season. Whether due to a subpar 2023 performance or the untapped potential of a player, it is opportune for the team to recalibrate its expectations.

With the core roster likely in place, the onus falls on the players in the clubhouse to elevate their respective games to achieve the ultimate goal of securing a World Series title. Looking ahead to 2024, it becomes imperative to identify players poised to exceed previous benchmarks and contribute significantly to the team’s success.

Let’s delve into some players who should raise their performance expectations for the upcoming season.

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