May 26, 2024

The future of Arthur Smith as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons appears uncertain, with conflicting opinions among insiders. Prior to the Bears game, it was believed that Smith’s job was secure, but opinions have shifted since the loss. Some media pundits suggest he is safe, while others argue that his departure is imminent.

Jason La Canfora of the Washington Post indicates signs pointing towards Arthur Blank firing Arthur Smith in the offseason, with two GMs believing Smith’s fate is already sealed. One GM asserts that Smith isn’t safe, predicting he has only one more week, while another points out the team’s offensive struggles and the inability to sell tickets as reasons for change.

Contradicting views emerge, with Jeremy Fowler of ESPN expressing the belief that Smith is safe, based on league perceptions, and Mike Garafolo suggesting Smith is on shaky ground. Those close to the Falcons reportedly believe Smith is likely on his way out, emphasizing the need for a playoff run for job security.

Should Atlanta Falcons Fire Coach Arthur Smith? - Sports Illustrated  Atlanta Falcons News, Analysis and More

Despite the uncertainty, Adam Schefter reveals that Arthur Blank is torn and has gone back and forth in his decision-making. While Blank appreciates Smith as a bright offensive mind, this may not be sufficient for the Falcons to retain him. Interestingly, Schefter notes that the club is exploring potential coaching options, surveying the coaching landscape as they consider making a change.

The overall sentiment is that the situation is fluid, and even the outcome of the next game may not sway Blank’s decision. It’s highlighted that timing is crucial in coaching changes, and the Falcons seem to be assessing potential hires before finalizing any decisions. The author suggests that if there’s doubt about Arthur Smith being the right fit, it may indicate the answer to the coaching dilemma.

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