May 26, 2024

The throw that ultimately led to the Philadelphia Eagles’ defeat against the Seattle Seahawks, where they squandered a late lead three weeks ago, did not have the intended purpose suggested by head coach Nick Sirianni at the time. Contrary to Sirianni’s explanation of attempting to draw a pass interference penalty, A.J. Brown, the intended receiver of Jalen Hurts’ pass in the unfortunate 20-17 loss, revealed a deviation from the planned strategy by both Brown and Hurts.

Despite this departure from the planned play, Sirianni is accepting of the situation, choosing to shoulder the blame himself and absolve the players of any responsibility. Described as a quintessential players’ coach, Sirianni emphasizes the importance of supporting his players, a sentiment rooted in his own experiences as a player.

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Sirianni is also comfortable with Hurts exercising autonomy on the field, deviating from the scripted plays if he believes an alternative approach may be effective. The coach acknowledges that this freedom comes with risks, as it may not always lead to success. However, he sees it as an inherent part of offensive success, where unforeseen circumstances require quick adjustments.

In the specific instance of the interception by Seahawks safety Julian Love, the play did not unfold as planned. Interestingly, when questioned later, Hurts did not take the opportunity to absolve his coach and instead echoed Sirianni’s initial explanation about seeking a pass interference call.

Despite Sirianni’s public support for his players, there is a question raised about whether the players reciprocate that support for their coach. The exchange with Hurts indicates a lack of alignment in their public statements. Sirianni, while acknowledging that he discussed the play with Hurts privately, maintains a policy of keeping such matters within the team and not disclosing details to the public.

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