May 24, 2024

On the recent Saturday, the Detroit Lions had a significant chance to defeat the disliked Dallas Cowboys. However, the game slipped away from them due to an NFL referee who seemed oblivious when Taylor Decker declared himself as an eligible receiver. Nevertheless, if the Lions had executed a key play in that crucial moment, the referees’ decisions would not have been as impactful.

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HUGE Opportunity Missed by Derrick Barnes

In the earlier stages of the game, the Detroit Lions had successfully pushed the Dallas Cowboys close to their own end zone. During a crucial third-down play, Lions linebacker Derrick Barnes aggressively blitzed, positioning himself for what could have been a game-changing move against Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. However, just as Barnes was on the verge of making a pivotal play, Prescott skillfully evaded him and threw a remarkable pass to CeeDee Lamb. Lamb managed to secure the ball and sprinted for a 92-yard touchdown, turning the tables in favor of the Cowboys.

Local Blog Calls Out Derrick Barnes

Last Thursday, @DetroitPodcast, associated with SI All Lions, shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) that specifically highlighted Derrick Barnes during a tackling drill. The accompanying comment read, “Imagine THAT being Dak Prescott #55 Derrick Barnes.”

Barnes Does Not Take Kindly to Video

As reported by SI All Lions, Derrick Barnes reportedly reacted negatively to being spotlighted in the video. SI All Lions mentioned, “Detroit’s linebackers did not take particularly too kindly to this reference, possibly feeling it was a disrespectful shot at a player.” In my view, sharing the video with a caption like “Detroit Lions linebackers go through tackling drill leading up to season finale” would have been appropriate. However, Barnes’ perspective is defended by the argument that the specific message included by SI All Lions, which clearly singled him out, was not in line with the expected conduct of a reporter.

Barnes Explains What Happened

Despite not feeling particularly excited about the video, Barnes took the time to discuss the mishap on what could have resulted in a sack, leading to a safety and two points for the Lions instead of seven for the Cowboys. He acknowledged the unpredictable nature of the NFL, recognizing the opposing quarterback’s skill and the inherent risks players face, including potential fines.

Barnes explained that, despite being in a challenging situation, he opted for full-speed engagement without risking penalties for his teammates. He described his attempt to make a decisive play, expressing disappointment that the quarterback evaded him at the last moment. Barnes clarified that the significance of the incident lies in the touchdown scored by the Cowboys, emphasizing that his coach expected him to successfully execute such plays.

While acknowledging the importance of the play, Barnes emphasized that its magnitude is primarily due to the resulting touchdown. He accepted responsibility for the situation and expressed determination to make the play in future situations.

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