July 12, 2024

Georgia has actively pursued wide receivers in the transfer portal for the second consecutive year, resulting in the acquisition of three new receivers for the Bulldogs. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, well-versed in the demands of playing receiver at Georgia, offered advice to the newcomers during Orange Bowl preparations.

When asked about the transfer receivers, Rosemy-Jacksaint emphasized the universal expectation for receivers to excel at blocking, asserting that this criterion holds true everywhere. He clarified that the expectations at Georgia are not fundamentally different from those at other institutions. According to him, success in the Bulldogs’ program involves diligent work, mastering the playbook, and being prepared to block effectively.

In the previous year, Georgia secured Mississippi State’s Rara Thomas and Missouri’s Dominic Lovett as transfer receivers. This year, the Bulldogs added three more experienced pass-catchers, including London Humphreys from Vanderbilt and Colbie Young from Miami, before the Orange Bowl. Subsequently, USC’s Michael Jackson III joined the team.

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Humphreys, the sole transfer receiver present at the Orange Bowl, showcased his skills with 22 receptions for 439 yards and 4 touchdowns during his single season at Vanderbilt. Rosemy-Jacksaint, who had prior interactions with Humphreys, expressed admiration for his speed, smooth route running, and overall ability.

Michael Jackson III, known for his track background and impressive speed, had a notable season with 17 receptions for 146 yards and 1 touchdown. On the other hand, Colbie Young, characterized by his substantial size and physicality at 6 feet 5 inches, concluded his time at Miami with 47 receptions for 563 yards and 5 touchdowns. Both Jackson and Young bring unique strengths to the Bulldogs, with Young having one year of eligibility remaining.

Despite the challenges ahead, Rosemy-Jacksaint exuded confidence that these new Bulldogs would rise to the occasion and make a significant impact in the 2024 season.

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