May 21, 2024

It was suggested that Smith would only lose his job if there was a late-season collapse, and the team’s performance, losing four of the last five games, with three being particularly agonizing, appeared to leave Arthur Blank with no choice.

In reality, it seems that the team owner was searching for any reason to retain Smith because of his genuine liking for the man. The quarterback was evidently the primary factor for the Falcons’ underperformance this year.

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Regrettably, Smith fell short at every juncture toward the end, compelling Blank to make a change. However, what remained unchanged was Arthur Smith’s character, as he appeared to be one of the most commendable individuals in the industry.

Despite the unsatisfactory outcomes, Smith never apologized for being true to himself and consistently stood up for his players. After the loss to the Saints, Falcons players expressed their support for him, even expressing a hope for his return in 2024.

When the decision to fire him was announced, both Falcons players and Smith shared his final words with the team, and it was a poignant moment as conveyed to the media.

Despite the fans’ dissatisfaction with Smith’s behavior, it’s evident that players hold a strong affection for him within the locker room. However, the Falcons’ lack of success during his tenure underscores the fact that performance is crucial in this results-driven industry. The upcoming head coach will face significant pressure to produce immediate positive outcomes.

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