July 12, 2024

After completing two seasons with the Chicago Cubs, Marcus Stroman expresses his desire to return to New York, specifically the Yankees, for the 2024 season. However, the Yankees have shown little interest in extending an offer to him.

According to Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY, Stroman, with a career 3.65 ERA, may not align with the Yankees’ preference for a pitcher with more significant potential. Despite his effective finesse and guile, evidenced by his 7.5 K/9, strong groundball tendencies, and ability to minimize hard contact, the team seems to be seeking a different profile.

Marcus Stroman

During his two seasons with the Cubs, Stroman faced challenges with injuries, impacting both his performance and availability. He decided to opt out of his three-year, $71 million contract after the second season. In his Mets tenure spanning two-plus seasons, he recorded a 3.31 ERA in 238 2/3 innings, opting out of the 2020 COVID-affected season.

Standing at 5-7, Stroman, one of the shortest pitchers in baseball, is known for his confident demeanor, as expressed in a February 2023 tweet. His outspoken nature was also evident when he criticized the Mets and their former GM, Billy Eppler, upon signing with the Cubs in 2022. Stroman accused the organization of exposing Eppler’s lack of awareness and expressed gratitude for being away from the Mets.

Furthermore, he claimed to have faced “racial/bias hate” and received death threats from fans, emphasizing his commitment to addressing issues of race and social justice. During a game against the Mets in 2023, he left the field by pounding his chest and yelling into the visitor’s dugout, drawing criticism from an unnamed Mets player who urged him to show respect and professionalism.

Despite projections by The Athletic suggesting a potential three-year, $63 million deal for Stroman, it appears that the Yankees are not inclined to make an offer to the pitcher.

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