May 26, 2024

In 2023, the LSU Tigers are coming off a disappointing campaign. Despite having a lot to celebrate because of Jayden Daniels, the club was unable to defeat the top team in the conference. They’re hoping for a different story in 2024. When former Liberty wide receiver CJ Daniels committed to the programme, they gained some offensive assistance.


LSU Tigers Land WR CJ Daniels

LSU's Jayden Daniels to enter NFL draft, skip bowl game - ESPN

Daniels delivered an impressive season for the Flames, securing 55 passes for 1,067 yards and scoring ten touchdowns in 2023. His exceptional performance significantly contributed to the Conference USA team’s outstanding 13-1 season. Now, as he joins LSU, he is enthusiastic about demonstrating that he can replicate such impressive statistics against top-notch competition nationwide. Daniels expressed his determination in a statement to On3.

2024 Outlook

Daniels will have ample opportunities to exhibit his skills in national matchups. The season begins with a high-stakes game against USC, marking one of the standout matchups of the opening weekend. The SEC schedule that follows is replete with high-profile contests against formidable opponents like Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Alabama, Florida, and Oklahoma in 2024. Acquiring an offensive asset like Daniels is expected to significantly enhance LSU’s ability to compete with the high-scoring offenses prevalent in the SEC.

The question looms: Can the LSU Tigers make a comeback in 2024? While adjustments are in order, the continuous addition of talent like Daniels suggests a positive trajectory for the team. With such acquisitions, the Tigers have the potential to thrive and regain their competitive edge.

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