May 24, 2024

Taylor Swift made sure a fan in Kansas City didn’t endure the bone-chilling Chiefs-Miami Dolphins game without warmth. When the singer noticed Beth Vancil trying to stay warm, she graciously gave her own scarf. Vancil later shared the moment on Instagram, describing how Taylor dubbed her a “good luck charm” during the game and handed over her scarf, which she emphasized Taylor didn’t want back.

After the Chiefs secured a 26-7 victory over the Dolphins, Swift, bundled up in a winter coat with her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s number, 87, danced to Fast Life Yungstaz’s Swag Surfin’ with fellow Chiefs fans, earning her a viral moment.

Taylor Swift's Net Worth and Business Empire ExplainedThe song, a fixture at Arrowhead Stadium since Kelce joined the team in 2013, has become a significant track for the Chiefs, described by Kelce as a “huge fourth quarter, big-time moment” in his podcast.


Swift, who began attending Chiefs games in September, spoke about her newfound football fandom, stating that she’s there to support Travis and joking about potentially annoying some dads, Brads, and Chads. The relationship between Swift and Kelce started after he mentioned her on his podcast, and they began hanging out. The couple has celebrated holidays together, fueling rumors that they plan to get engaged in July, marking their one-year anniversary. An insider reportedly shared that Taylor and Travis have discussed and planned the engagement.

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