July 12, 2024

Georgia Football and the broader college football landscape are undergoing significant changes at the start of the offseason, with another noteworthy development for Georgia Football occurring on Tuesday. Claude Felton, the longstanding Sports Information Director, has opted for retirement, effective as of Wednesday.

Claude Felton: Savannah Native, UGA Bulldog

Since 1979, Felton has held the position of Sports Information Director at Georgia. However, his contributions extend beyond this role, encompassing titles such as Senior Associate Athletic Director, Associate and Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Communication Director, and, most recently, the Loran Smith Senior Associate Athletic Director. Felton’s multifaceted involvement at Georgia has left a lasting impact, particularly among Sports Information Directors.

Regarded as one of the best in his field, Felton has earned the moniker of the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time) by many in the profession. This sentiment is widely shared among football players and coaches who have been associated with Georgia. Recognizable even to the most ardent Georgia fans, Felton is often affectionately referred to simply as Claude, underscoring the unique connection he has forged with the University’s supporters.

For those immersed in the Sports program at Grady College of Mass Communication and Journalism, Felton’s name is a familiar and revered one. His reputation as the pinnacle of his profession is well-known, and his influence is acknowledged as a foundational aspect of the educational experience for students in the field.

Felton’s distinction extends beyond his role as an exemplary Sports Information Director; he is also celebrated as a “Damn Good Dawg.” Over his 44 seasons on the football field, Felton has contributed to three National Championships, seven Southeastern Conference Championships in football, and an impressive 415 wins. His tenure has spanned the coaching eras of Vince Dooley, Ray Goff, Jim Donnan, Mark Richt, and Kirby Smart, in addition to working with athletic directors Greg McGarity, Damon Evans, and Josh Brooks.

The historical significance of Felton’s career is underscored by the fact that, alongside Dan Magill, he is one of only two individuals to have held the position of Sports Information Director in the history of Georgia Athletics. This distinction solidifies Felton’s legacy as one of the foremost professionals in the business. In recognition of his contributions, Felton is set to be inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in Macon on February 24th.

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