July 12, 2024

The Chicago Bears possess the coveted first overall selection in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, and it’s widely anticipated that they’ll opt for USC quarterback Caleb Williams. Williams is hailed as a potential cornerstone for any franchise, making it imprudent for Chicago’s leadership to overlook such a promising prospect.

Historically, the Bears have faced challenges in nurturing young quarterbacks. Recent attempts with Mitch Trubisky and Justin Fields have fallen short, leading to the decision to trade Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers in preparation for selecting Williams at the top spot.

While there are other talented quarterbacks in this draft class, Williams stands out as the cream of the crop. The buzz surrounding this standout player from USC appears justified, as he’s poised to become the premier quarterback prospect in the NFL since Patrick Mahomes. Let’s delve into why Williams is poised for greatness and why he’s considered superior to his peers.

Commanders Attending QB Caleb Williams Pro Day: How to Watch

Caleb Williams has elite arm strength

In this year’s draft class, the individual boasting the most powerful throwing arm is either Williams or UNC’s Drake Maye. Recently, Maye showcased his remarkable arm strength by sharing a video of himself launching an 83-yard pass that struck the uprights at the opposite end of the field. While this display alone doesn’t guarantee success in football games, it underscores the impressive qualities present in his gameplay.

Caleb Williams shows off skill set at USC pro day - ESPN

Although Williams hasn’t shared a similar video to Maye’s, he doesn’t necessarily need to do so. Throughout his college career, he has consistently demonstrated his impressive throwing prowess, frequently delivering passes that travel 60 yards or more through the air. Williams possesses naturally strong arm capabilities, and he has proven his ability to translate this strength into on-field performance.

Caleb Williams’ off-platform throwing ability is generational

The standout from USC truly sets himself apart from Maye in his adeptness at improvising when a play breaks down and executing off-platform throws from various arm angles. These are the kinds of plays that propelled Mahomes to become a formidable force for the Kansas City Chiefs, and they’re also the electrifying moments frequently showcased on ESPN’s highlight reels.

Why Caleb Williams is the best quarterback prospect since Patrick Mahomes

Typically, defensive coordinators and players only need to cover a portion of the field on any given play, especially if a quarterback rolls out or turns his body in a specific direction. However, players like Mahomes and Williams disrupt this convention due to their ability to accurately throw the ball from multiple arm angles, ranging from over-the-top to sidearm and everything in between.

Caleb Williams has pinpoint accuracy 

Even with all the arm strength in the world, a quarterback’s effectiveness hinges on their ability to precisely target where the ball goes upon release. Fortunately, for whoever selects the recipient of the 2022 Heisman Trophy, not only does he possess formidable arm strength, but he also exhibits pinpoint accuracy, consistently directing the ball precisely where intended. Throughout Williams’ collegiate tenure, numerous instances showcase his capability to place the ball in spots accessible solely to his intended receiver.

Why Caleb Williams is the best quarterback prospect since Patrick Mahomes

Whether threading a pass through a narrow gap between two defenders or placing it near the sideline for his receiver to execute a toe drag while maintaining bounds, Williams stands out in terms of ball placement among this year’s draft prospects.

Caleb Williams has the athleticism to extend plays

Williams surpasses Mahomes in athleticism, particularly in his wizardry at evading pressure within the pocket, showcasing an uncanny knack for escaping even the most challenging scenarios. This quality renders the USC prospect valuable even for teams lacking a formidable offensive line, as he can compensate for some of their shortcomings. However, this doesn’t imply that a team’s management can disregard the importance of a solid offensive line altogether, allowing defenders to freely rush the quarterback. Instead, Williams possesses the ability to identify weaknesses along the line and utilize his agility to minimize the impact of opposing defenders.

Caleb Williams has the poise of a veteran

Williams demonstrates composure and confidence in the pocket, consistently displaying astute decision-making with the football. He adeptly gauges when to patiently await a play’s development and when to take initiative to create opportunities. Moreover, he exhibits remarkable calmness under defensive pressure, often showcasing the grit and determination to stand firm amidst oncoming defenders and deliver precise passes even while under duress. This ability highlights a blend of skill and mental toughness, a hallmark shared by elite quarterbacks.

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