July 12, 2024

Kamari Ramsey witnessed firsthand the remarkable turnaround of the UCLA defense under D’Anton Lynn’s guidance. As a freshman, he observed his team struggling to contain opponents, conceding an average of 31 points and 403 yards per game. However, with Lynn joining the coaching staff the following season, the dynamics shifted dramatically. UCLA surged to 10th place nationally in yards allowed and 14th in points allowed. They managed to significantly reduce their yardage by over 100 yards and points by 12.5 compared to their 2022 averages.

This season, Lynn aims to replicate this success with USC football, and Ramsey is fully on board for the journey. Following Lynn’s departure from UCLA, Ramsey, a 6-foot, 204-pound safety, decided to transfer to USC for his junior year, according to reports from On3.com.

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Ramsey emphasized the impact of Lynn’s departure, citing it as a significant loss for UCLA. Having experienced Lynn’s defensive strategies firsthand, Ramsey expressed admiration for his NFL-style approach. He noted that Lynn’s defensive schemes drew inspiration from teams like the Ravens, which greatly influenced his decision to follow Lynn to USC.

USC Football Scoring Big Wins Under D’Anton Lynn

Another defensive back followed suit as John Humphrey, a fifth-year senior, decided to leave UCLA and join Lynn for his final season.

Having two defenders who are familiar with Lynn’s system is a significant advantage for him as he aims to revamp the defense, which allowed an average of 35 points and 433 yards per game last season. Ramsey, in particular, is embracing his role as a link between USC defenders, aiming to facilitate their understanding of the coach’s strategies.

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“I’ve been focused on aiding others and ensuring everyone is up to speed, essentially acting as an on-field extension of the coach,” Ramsey explained. “This way, when fall camp arrives, we’re not scrambling to catch up. We already have a solid grasp of the scheme and feel confident.”

Ramsey and Humphrey are just two instances of players drawn to USC football’s revamped defensive coaching staff. The Trojans recently experienced a significant recruiting weekend, securing commitments from five defensive players, including Justus Terry, the top-rated edge rusher for 2025, who flipped his commitment from Georgia to USC.

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