July 12, 2024

Ohio State has secured Tavien St. Clair, an Ohio native ranked 17th nationally and fourth among quarterbacks in the 2025 class, who has been committed for nearly a year. St. Clair’s leadership and recruiting prowess make him a crucial addition to the Buckeyes’ future quarterback lineup. This early commitment allows the coaching staff to divert their focus towards the 2026 class. They have begun scouting quarterbacks nationwide, with Head Coach Day and newly appointed Coach Kelly spearheading the search. Kelly, known for his quarterback recruitment prowess, is eyeing prospects within Ohio, such as Nathan Bernhard from Ashland, ranked 91st nationally and seventh among quarterbacks in the 2026 cycle. Although Bernhard hasn’t received an offer from Ohio State yet, his impressive physical attributes and attention from other schools indicate his potential. Additionally, Levi Davis from Olentangy Orange is on the radar. While Davis has received offers from MAC schools, Ohio State recognizes his talent and is investing time in evaluating him. Despite the focus on national prospects, the coaching staff remains attentive to promising local talents like Bernhard and Davis for the 2026 quarterback slot.

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While in-person visits and interviews provide valuable insights into a prospect’s preferences, social media activity can also offer clues about a player’s top choices. Dorian Barney, a four-star cornerback in the 2026 class, is a prime example. Ranked 32nd nationally and third among cornerbacks, Barney has amassed over 30 offers from top programs across the country.

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Similar to the caliber of players Tim Walton has recruited in recent cycles, Barney represents another high-caliber athlete who would significantly bolster any defensive secondary. Encouragingly, Barney recently included Ohio State among his top schools, signaling the Buckeyes’ strong contention for his commitment. While a recruit’s choice of apparel isn’t a definitive indicator of allegiance, it certainly doesn’t hurt to see a top prospect proudly representing the Buckeyes’ brand.

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